The SIL4 Systems Event Recorder is built on a SIL2-SIL4 rated safety platform. The system comprises of an on-board processor, FPGA and up to 1 GB of onboard memory extendable to 64 GB off-board memory. The base system comprises of several inputs and outputs as well as communications capabilities with extensibility and scalability.

Base system features:

  • Standard VMP Platform
  • 20 digital inputs
  • 4 Analog Inputs
  • 4 Pulsed TACH inputs : EOS or Reluctance
  • 10 Safety Outputs
  • Onboard Ethernet EN50519-1 2010
  • Onboard USB 2.0
  • Onboard Serial input port
  • Extendable to support 5G Cellular, WiFi, and GPS over Ethernet
  • Designed to EN50126/8/9 Safety Standards
  • Designed to EN50155 Environmental Standard
  • Meets or exceeds all IEEE, FRA and other standards
  • Integrates with existing Train Control Systems
  • Scalable to 2X or higher for inputs and outputs
  • Support for unlimited data tags (limited by memory only)
  • 20 ms or higher data capture rate

Nominal Safety-Critical Data typically recorded:

  1. Speed
  2. Direction of travel (Forward or Reverse)
  3. Time
  4. Distance
  5. Throttle position
  6. Operation of brakes
  7. Status of Headlights and Marker Lights (On or Off)
  8. Operation of Horn
  9. Status of Cab signals

Companion Data Analysis And Plotting Tool

The companion Data Analysis and plotting tool, provides the ability to select data points for plotting, perform sophisticated search queries, view resultant periods of data and export charts to image files. The viewer supports the capability to Zoom in and out of data regions.