Our Team

Founder & CEO – Carl Conti

carl conti sil4 CEO

Carl Conti is the founder and CEO of SIL4 Systems.  With over 30 years of experience in the embedded systems product design and R&D, he started SIL4 Systems with a vision to build the next generation general purpose safety platform that utilized the state of the art / emerging technology while making it simple to adapt and implement in applications across industries with a primary focus in rail. His career spans a broad range of emerging technology innovation:  In the early 80’s as a key member of a small, 5 person team at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company – he built MDAC’s first infrared imaging system, where he designed a Motorola 68000 single-board-computer (2 years before Wozniak).  At MIT Draper Lab he worked on several DoD programs including the Peacekeeper missile guidance system.  Carl has a decade of R&D experience on key product development systems in leading companies in the rail industry such as: Union Switch and Signal (now Ansaldo/Hitachi) for their first microprocessor-based safety system; design engineering manager at AdTranz (now Bombardier); and Wabtec.

As president and CEO of SIL4 Systems, he is responsible for Research and Development, Manufacturing and Operations. His safety platform has already been proven-in-use on the heavy rail fleet of Greater Cleveland Rail Transit authority and his DOT crashworthy memory modules have been deployed in over 1,450 railcars and locomotives.

Director of Software Engineering – Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe is a leader in embedded, safety-critical software design with over 8 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting safety systems for the rail transit industry. Adam Wolfe holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from California University of Pennsylvania.

He has designed, implemented and commissioned software for all the safety critical products developed by SIL4. He has served as an independent safety assessor on various customer applications and technologies and is familiar with safety standards in industries ranging from Rail, Medical Devices to Automobiles. He has developed embedded software on Windows, Linux and other proprietary real time operating systems and has also done development on the National Instruments Labview platform.

Manager of Lab Services and Small Scale Manufacturing – Starling Almanzar


Starling assists scientists and engineers with electrical engineering research, process control, prototype development and instrumentation design. He assists in designing, creating and testing new products that provide solutions in multiple industries. He manages SIL4 Systems’ EN50155 – Environmental Test Lab.

He manages small scale production operations, incoming inspection and inventory control. He also assists in designing and developing new test systems, analyzing data and presenting findings in written reports, testing, maintaining and modifying existing systems, and working collaboratively with design engineers, purchasers, and other internal staff.