Retrofit Systems Design and Supply

Retrofit of Obsolete Applications and Hardware. When your system/vehicle outlives
your sub-system – Call SIL4. Quotations within 5days; safety and non-safety systems.

Designed and built to your needs SIL4 Systems excels in the retro-fit market.
Call us about your obsolete equipment and retro fit needs. If you have equipment that is obsolete and no longer supported, we can provide High Reliability replacement design often within 8-10 weeks.

Car-Borne Equipment | Wayside Equipment | Portable or Lab Test/Maintenance Equipment

Band Pass Filter

Band Pass Filter

Can be hard-tuned to any frequency [COTS Frequencies].

  • 4550 Hz
  • 5525 Hz
  • 9800Hz
  • Other frequencies available on request

Portable Automated Test Platform

Portable Automated Test Platform
  • ATP Tester
  • Safety Assured on Vehicle ATP Tester
  • Can be customized for any sub-system application.

Retrofit Propulsion Pre-Exciter

Retrofit Propulsion Pre-Exciter
  • ABB OEM Pre-Exciter Replacement
  • 300V; 20A Armature Excitation
  • Highly Reliable
  • Address legacy field failures

Retrofit Brake Controller

Retrofit Brake Controller
  • Friction Brake Controller
  • Spin/Slide detection and correction
  • Built-in Event Recorder
  • Custom data analysis software