At SIL4 Systems our Mission and Relentless Commitment is to Safety and High Reliability

SIL4 Systems Announces………
Real Time Light Rail Vehicle [LRV] Simulator

Simulates Vehicle IO/Performance Characteristics

  • Safety System Validation
    • Run 1000’s of scenarios/day
    • Discrete Fault Injection
    • Random Fault Injection
    • FTA/FEMA Simulations
  • System Troubleshooting
    • Run-Time Simulation
    • Load Real-Time Files for Actual condition replication
  • System Troubleshooting
    • Replace/Update your obsolete sub-system testers/diagnostics
    • Automate diagnostic/testing
    • COTS Hi-REL Design throughout
  • Environmental Test-Bed
    • Use for Environmental Test Bed
      while exercising Logic