Sil4Systems is a provider of embedded systems platforms for automation and control applications ranging from non-safety applications to Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) rated applications in a variety of industries.

Within our primary domain expertise and focus market of Rail Transit and Railroad, our on-board system platforms can be or have been applied and proven in use for applications ranging from Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Supervision (ATS), Positive Train Control (PTC), IEEE/FRA Event Recorder to Brake Assurance. The platform comes standard with industry leading features such as event recorder, expandable I/O, full connectivity including WiFi, Cellular, GPS and Ethernet and compatibility with safety (EN50126/8/9) and environmental standards (EN50155). Our systems are designed to be compact, highly reliable and eminently scalable. We design our systems using commercially available parts and equipment making them easy to upgrade and meet new and emerging standards and compliance requirements.

A secondary product focus is our IEEE/FRA Crash Hardened Memory Modules. These modules are Rail transit ready and come in a variety of memory configurations with standard and high density memory ranging from 1GB to 1 TB. These modules come standard with a variety of built-in communications standards such as USB and Ethernet. Additional communications interfaces can be easily incorporated. The modules are highly reliable with over write cycles significant to cover 16 years of continuous writing; 10 year year data retention and extremely low failure rates (MTBF > 2,000,000 hours).   The our trademarked term Keystone DataVault is no trite marketing slogan, it is our brand.

Additionally, Sil4Systems provides custom retrofit design and supply of systems, sub-systems and modules for obsolete, unsupported equipment. Using our open systems platform and design expertise, we can deliver a solution that fits your needs on-time and within budget. This equipment could be, among others, car-borne equipment, wayside equipment and portable/lab test equipment. Some examples are, band-pass filter, portable automated test platform, ABB OEM Pre-Exciter Replacement and Friction Brake Controller.

At Sil4Systems, we are safety experts and can provide consulting services for your safety applications across the board in all industries. Where applicable, we can deploy our safety platform to your needs with minimal customization. We also provide co-branding options for all our products and services.